Hustle and bustle are the words that characterise the streets of Nairobi town. The city prides itself on its position under the sun but sometimes it is hard to notice the beauty amidst the noise, traffic and the substandard oxygen found around the CBD. 

What’s even harder to imagine is getting a luxurious nail experience in the midst of such chaos. Call it what you want but love in a hopeless place is what comes to mind.

About Luxe Nails Parlour

Luxe Nails Parlour is located on the 10th floor in a very interesting building (hides in the open) called Bihi Towers on Moi avenue.I put it this way because if you haven’t had a chance to explore this tower or gotten a referral from someone, it would be hard to imagine you not suffering from overchoice from the many good and different options that fight for your attention immediately you pass the security guard.

My first experience

When I discovered Luxe Nails Parlour my first reaction was of awe and a little bit of confusion because of very obvious reasons. Firstly,I didn’t expect it! Perhaps my expectations had been too low or I had been too exhausted to anticipate a refreshing moment right around town. Secondly, and this is what gave me confusion even as I hesitantly sought clarification from one of the attendants, were they sure my nails were about to look like what they had prettily displayed on their Instagram page This was something I couldn’t wait to see. 

Now let’s skip how this nail parlour is unwavering when it comes to implementing COVID-19 protocols – as this is the case for any reputed establishment nowadays – and let’s get to their services and delivery.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene 

One thing that stands out, well right after you get a whiff of the cool environment, the clean air and the chic decor that makes the place, is the level of attention given to cleanliness and the hygiene of the nail salon. Immediately you enter the door, you’re sanitised, asked to remove your shoes for that homely feel and directed to a shelf where you get to place them. The technicians wear gloves before any contact is made and any tools/equipment used by the specialists are sterilized before and after use.

  • Serene ambience

Luxe Nails Parlour is completely locked out from the town bustle hence providing you with a chill environment to de-stress and keep calm. As you enjoy receiving a complete nail makeover your eyes will be either caught by the sun rays penetrating the towers of the Nairobi skyline or the sunset ushering in the calm tranquil night of the busy city.

Covid Protocols

Temperature checks are mandatory as a measure to control and prevent Covid-19 at the nail salon. 

Items like phones, chargers and any electronics you might need at hand during the service are sanitized and you are directed where to wash your hands.

Other measures you will notice at Luxe Nail Parlour is how stations are sanitized after each client and doors sanitized accordingly.

Also, all the employees have their masks on all the time, which was very impressive.

  • Pricing

Luxe Nails Parlour prices vary greatly and are dependent on the nail services you will be receiving. Since this is an experienced and well-equipped nail salon, expect an extensive range of services which are clearly listed on the company’s website. 

Nail extensions which are common and preferred by many for instance, are priced from Ksh 1500 for stick-on nails with regular polish to as much as Ksh 6500 for the Acrygel sculpting. Check the full price list here.

Bottom line it comes down to whether you’re just up and in need of a basic nail treatment or in the season for specialty services. Take your pick! 

  • Excellent customer service

Good customer service is timely, attentive and people-oriented. This is something you will notice at Luxe Nails Parlour immediately when you enter the nail salon, you become the star of the show and it becomes all about you. 

I will let you in on a little secret. I dare you to try and listen in to any exchange between the technicians and I promise you will not be able to hear anything. At Luxe Nail Parlour, their favourite sound is silence or low tones to ensure clients enjoy a silent space. This is not a place for salon gossip.

Would I recommend Luxe Nails Parlour for your next nail treatment?

Once a friend came to look at my nails and after asking where I had them done I mentioned Luxe. Before I could even start telling of my experience they were prompt to ask, “The super clean nails parlour in town?” Well the rest is history. 

Beyond the prestige and flavored teas, be sure that every dime you spend at Luxe will be worth your while. 

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Luxe and what was your highlight. If you have yet, comment down below with your nails spa/parlour of choice that’s within Nairobi and be sure to visit Luxe Nails Parlour for a lux experience.