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Why Do We Need To Push For Gender Equality

The connotation around gender equality is that women are being overly empowered to take up spaces and thus leaving men out of the equation. And what more could fuel this narrative than witnessing women around the world getting into tech, finance into positions of power, leadership and transforming societies? Continue reading Why Do We Need To Push For Gender Equality

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Wambutsi Mkada Believes Women Who Drive Threaten Men’s Leadership #2020mensconference

There’s a gap between the way older men think and the way the younger generation thinks.
…with the direction men’s conference is taking, it is cause for concern since some of the views shared could be reinforcing stereotypes more than developing men’s mental capacity or their position in the society. Continue reading Wambutsi Mkada Believes Women Who Drive Threaten Men’s Leadership #2020mensconference

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My Third Eye Sieves

While my two eyes, made in His likeness know how to see beautiful things this world has to offer, my third eye is the root of all problems. Here’s why; Thoughts of an African Woman I like using smooth operator because he was also made in His image although I’m not sure about the likeness part. He had glistening eyes, bushy long eyelashes like the … Continue reading My Third Eye Sieves

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Beautiful but Unlucky

You Are So Beautiful How Come You’re Single? That’s the question that never gives and with an explanation that could take a whole lifetime. Okay I am exaggerating a little. Nonetheless, why people assume being beautiful guarantees you smooth sailing I wonder.  Take Abigail as an example. She is beautiful, she is smart and she sure knows what she wants in a man. The problem … Continue reading Beautiful but Unlucky

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Draw Me A Map

So you’re calmly seated with a guy you met, two days ago at a certain event. After an exchange of cards you guys exchanged conversations, GIFS, memes and it even got to music. What else was left? Books? Art? Body fluids? Ooh the thought of it drives you back to reality and you catch up to him saying, “Meals in this restaurant taste delicious.” You … Continue reading Draw Me A Map