You are not alone if rarely get influenced by trends or overhyped products. Particularly if they will end upon your skin or even cost you a buck. The Garnier skin active range of products is such a brand. Ever since it was introduced it continues to take people by surprise and amass positive responses from different people of different skin tones.

Recently, I went shopping for a cleanser, I decided to settle for the Vitamin C line. I didn’t have over the board expectations like I normally do with my Korean skin products, but I wished that the vitamin C plastered on the product in bold would count for something. On the shelf, was the Garnier’s charcoal line of products but because my issue right now is hyperpigmentation, I figured the Garnier even and matte vitamin C cleansing foam would be more effective. 

If you ask me, I am glad I chose this product. But before I get into the why let’s address the elephant in the room for someone who might be asking;

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation refers to the darkening of skin which sometimes appears on large areas like under the armpit, on the groin, on the inner thighs or on your forehead. Alternatively, it can occur in small patches such as the dark spots that remain once acne is healed. The dark spots are usually bigger than blackheads and whenever you are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods they grow darker.  These spots are also called hyperpigmentation acne and most people find them hard to treat.

What causes hyperpigmentation

Hormonal changes can cause hyperpigmentation. This normally occurs in pregnant women and areas affected are usually around the face and stomach. This condition is called melasma. Other causes of hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation acne include UV rays or inflammation due to an acne breakout.

Can the Garnier vitamin C cleansing foam reduce hyperpigmentation?

One of the selling points of the Garnier skin active Vitamin C line of products is the ability to treat hyperpigmentation and restore the skin’s radiance. If your skin has lost its uniform tone, doesn’t glow and has dark spots, the Garnier gentle cleansing foam claims to be the right product for such issues. However to know if it does treat hyperpigmentation, read on to find out my experience with the product and if it helped in addressing the dark spots on my face and the huge patch of discoloured skin on my forehead.

How to cleanse your skin properly using the Garnier vitamin C foaming cleanser

  1. Clean your hands.
  2. Wet your face with lukewarm water
  3. Work a small amount of the cleansing foam on clean moist hands then apply to your face. Massage the product for about 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry using a clean towel reserved for your face and follow up with the rest of your skincare products
  4. Follow this method as part of your morning and nighttime skincare routine.

The Garnier even and matter Vitamin C cleanser review

My experience

I was in awe the first moment I used this cleansing foam. It is smooth like butter, and it glides very easily as you massage it on your face. The scent doesn’t put you off at all. What I also loved is that aside from it coming in a very convenient tube bottle, it doesn’t take much to get the work done. The product which is white and creamy in consistency leaves a subtle and sweet scent of lemons on your face and the skin feels clean but not dry.

On the first wash, I noticed the vitamin C cleansing foam was very effective in brightening the face. I know this because you get a similar effect when you use high-quality rice bran line of products. After consecutive uses, I noticed my forehead was no longer a discolored patch (which was so because of sunburns) and the dark spots around my cheeks were fading.

I am only using the cleanser from their brand while for the rest of my skincare products, I use a different brand. Noteworthy, the effectiveness of the vitamin C cleansing foam makes me want to get the whole line of Garnier’s Vitamin C products because why not?


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Garnier’s vitamin C cleansing foam Ingredients list

The Garnier’s vitamin C cleansing foam can be called an antiacne due to the following active ingredients that contribute to its goodness.

  • Lauric acid – has cleaning power and addresses acne
  • Salicylic acid – a chemical exfoliant that treats acne and soothes the skin
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside – an antioxidant and aids in skin brightening
  • Vitamin C and lemon extract – effective in brightening and protecting skin barrier.
How to use the Garnier Vitamin C Cleansing foam

Where to get the Garnier cleansing foam

You can shop the Garnier even and matte Vitamin C cleansing foam online and in physical stores. The 100ml tube of product costs ksh 545 at BestLady and can also be found on Jumia or on any skincare shop outlet near you.

Product rating

Foaming power- 5/5

Cleansing power – 5/5

Price – 4/5

Effectiveness -4/5

Packaging and germ resistance -4/5

Should you buy the Garnier Vitamin C cleansing foam?

Yes, I would advise you the get the product if hyperpigmentation acne, uneven skin tone and dull skin are your major concerns. If not, this is genuinely a good cleanser that you can incorporate in your skincare routine, provided you know the do’s and don’t of mixing skincare ingredients.

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