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Africanblink began as a channel where I could express my passion. This is through carefully researched content that helped my readers learn beauty tips, hacks & discover beauty products.

Overtime, aside from beauty content, the platform has incorporated topics that capture the essence of our daily lives – including a segment that feature significant human stories, to showcase how different people design their paths to success.

This blog resonates with someone who appreciates and cultivates beauty in all dimensions. That is from the exterior through content and tips that help you sail smoothly in your beauty routine to the interior through impactful advise and stories that help us understand our human experience. My goal is to inspire, encourage and show everyone who spends time at Africanblink that its possible to have it all.

I always love hearing from my readers and followers. Hence, if you have a question, a comment or need to enquire about something on the blog, feel free to drop me a line. I’d be happy to help in anyway I can.

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I believe that outer beauty is important, but cultivating your inner beauty is where all the fun resides.

What People Say

This is the first piece of your writing I’ve read, and I must say… I like your style… Impressive.


 I cannot wait for you to publish your own book. Love! these articles.


Perfection and artistic play of words

Okello Max

WE SHARE TO INSPIRE. #teach#inspire#transform

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