My friends have always called me an old soul but I don’t think they realise what made me so or why they think I am. Growing up I was always near older folks and that might have led to my affinity towards them and their opinions in life. Perhaps some of their knowledge might have rubbed off of me or if I daresay they moulded how I view life. Regardless, I feel it would still be an understatement to say that their advice was insurmountable. Because till date, I am still caught by surprise at how some of the advice they give could capture real-life issues affecting people across age, gender or social status.

That said, these are some of the most inspiring words I’ve heard this year. These words come from mature, experienced people, including my uncle Francis who’s now 85 years old.

  • On relationships

“In this day and age, a woman should settle down with a man who loves her more than she loves him.” Uncle Francis.

 “Do not spend time with people who are not geared towards your goals. Your relationships shape the person you become hence why it’s vital to develop the right kind.” Isaack Awinyo, Captain Emirates.

“Be proud of who/what you love. Nothing is an accident. You need the lessons to activate the talent and powers that lie within.”

“Life is way too valuable to hang around with people who don’t get you.”

“Be compassionate to yourself. Once you transform the primary relationship with yourself, relationships with other people, work, your income and impact transforms.”

“Be with a person who fuels your joy, stokes your peace and excites you to become your better self.” 

  • On career

“Stick to a path. Have a target, set your destination and set aside at least one hour each day to work towards a particular goal.” Isaac Awinyo, Captain Emirates. Find out more of what Isaac Awinyo has to say on success, philanthropy and career growth, in this interview

“Dream with your eyes open. That way you will always stay ready, have control and yet strive to fulfill that dream.” Josphat Mwaura, Director Starehe Centre.

“Disconnect work and money. This is how you find true fulfilment.”

“At the end of the day always ask yourself, What have I done towards achieving my dream.

“Once you define your success, you will no longer compare yourself with those ahead of you.”

“The smallest of implementation is always worth more than the grandest of intention.” Robin Sharma.

“The man who says it cannot be done does not have a right to talk, at the presence of those who are doing.”

“The place where your greatest discomfort lies is also the spot where your greatest opportunity lives.”

“Endless responsibilities stifle your originality and steal your energy.” Robin Sharma, The 5 A.M Club

“Failure is just growth in wolf’s clothing.” It is not as scary as it seems.

“Success is cool but significance is rad.”

“Every professional was once an amateur and every mastery started as a beginner.”

“No human is limited.” Eliud Kipchoge, Marathon champion and record breaker.

  • On philanthropy

“It doesn’t matter from which background you came. Give back to the society in any way you can. The only way to restore humanity is by creating a service culture.” Isaac Awinyo, Captain Emirates.

“Value human connection. Touch people’s heart one by one in an non-sequential way. Even one step can create a legacy.” Uncle Francis.

“Self-centeredness keeps good people limited.” Robin Sharma.

“Pass your gift on to the next generation. That’s how your soul gets rich enough to multiply seeds.”

  • On personal development & fulfilment

“The world is not a complicated place, but there are simple tricks you need to learn.” The late Dr. Geoffrey Griffith, Starehe Centre. Shared by Josphat Mwaura, Director Starehe Boys.

“You only need goals around five areas, to capture every aspect of your life.” Isaac Awinyo, Captain Emirates.

  1. Health goals (practice self-care),
  2. Spiritual goals (who is your moral guidance)
  3. Family goals (this is the basis of all relationships)
  4. Career goals (learn something for 1 hour a day)
  5. Financial goals (sharpen your personal finance skills). “These are the simple ways to capture time.” Josphat Mwaura Director, Starehe Centre.

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At Starehe Boys Centre with teachers, Isaac Awinyo Captain Emirates and Josphat Mwaura, Director Starehe Boys. PC: Dennis

“The difference between you now and you in 5 years is the people you hang out/around with.” Isaac Awinyo, Captain Emirates.

In the same way, “Once you align with people who have the same or higher standards, mindset, healthset, soulset and heartset, the way you show up in your world will never be the same.” Robin Sharma.

“Do the small things well.”

“There’s a difference between feeling happy and showing you’re happy. Strive to feel happy.”

“Become a bigger person and you’ll automatically become a better leader and a greater producer.”

“To lose your weak self you must undergo relentless improvement, continuous reflection and ongoing self-excavation.”

“The part of you that clings to fear must experience a sort of crucifixion so that the portion of you that deserves high honour undergoes a kind or reincarnation.”

“The soreness of growth is so much less expensive than the devastating cost of regret.”

“Whether it is easy or tough show up.”

“The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die within, while we live.”

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