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Draw Me A Map

So you’re calmly seated with a guy you met, two days ago at a certain event. After an exchange of cards you guys exchanged conversations, GIFS, memes and it even got to music. What else was left? Books? Art? Body fluids? Ooh the thought of it drives you back to reality and you catch up to him saying, “Meals in this restaurant taste delicious.” You … Continue reading Draw Me A Map

TRAVEL DIARIES 15/11/2016 – 16/11/2016

Are you done? That was the statement heard in every room that hosted a fourth year as each was being hastened by their friends so as not to be left behind for the trip. Because just imagine otherwise, that would be a terrible joke and not funny at that. Well maybe a little. Some almost missed it but thanks to the African timing luck was … Continue reading TRAVEL DIARIES 15/11/2016 – 16/11/2016

ELASTIC HEART ON A DIRTY PLATE (the Letter to her husband)

Dear future husband, I hope this finds you well. For starters how are you in that glowing skin, strong body and angular framed face. Your eyes are my muse. I still visualize that rogue stare that puts me in place when I bring petty up and the strong arms you wrap around me when I’m slightly wrong. To fess up, I still see you in … Continue reading ELASTIC HEART ON A DIRTY PLATE (the Letter to her husband)