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THANK YOU, NEXT (ep.3) #series

His dark eyes that had regarded me in a not so innocent way, big, deep and as light tricked as smoke from a wildfire. An oval chiseled face that belonged to an archangel from the shadows, his skin latte and minty because that’s how I imagined he tasted, Continue reading THANK YOU, NEXT (ep.3) #series

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A notion I was willing to explore came to mind. I shifted my eyes towards the Dj, a young man proud of how his mixology pulled both men and women at his workplace. When I could not handle it anymore, I walked past him again in hopes that he could initiate the conversation or do something; but this time… Continue reading LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE (ep.2)

TRAVEL DIARIES 15/11/2016 – 16/11/2016

Are you done? That was the statement heard in every room that hosted a fourth year as each was being hastened by their friends so as not to be left behind for the trip. Because just imagine otherwise, that would be a terrible joke and not funny at that. Well maybe a little. Some almost missed it but thanks to the African timing luck was … Continue reading TRAVEL DIARIES 15/11/2016 – 16/11/2016