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Wambutsi Mkada Believes Women Who Drive Threaten Men’s Leadership #2020mensconference

There’s a gap between the way older men think and the way the younger generation thinks.
…with the direction men’s conference is taking, it is cause for concern since some of the views shared could be reinforcing stereotypes more than developing men’s mental capacity or their position in the society. Continue reading Wambutsi Mkada Believes Women Who Drive Threaten Men’s Leadership #2020mensconference

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Thoughts Of An African Woman #part1

The African man Happy socks, brown shoes, fitted suit and the perfect features. He is seated steps across the room, yet he remains a site to behold. Dark, tall, and handsome meeting the standards of my friend’s preference in men, while supplementing mine in the way he carries himself. He’s got suave, style and his body language surely speaks as his diction sounds. He is … Continue reading Thoughts Of An African Woman #part1

TRAVEL DIARIES 15/11/2016 – 16/11/2016

Are you done? That was the statement heard in every room that hosted a fourth year as each was being hastened by their friends so as not to be left behind for the trip. Because just imagine otherwise, that would be a terrible joke and not funny at that. Well maybe a little. Some almost missed it but thanks to the African timing luck was … Continue reading TRAVEL DIARIES 15/11/2016 – 16/11/2016