Each one of us is a book. We are a collection of stories. The stories we choose to tell, the stories we believe and equally the stories we choose to ignore (Seema Anand). We are full of rich stories, cultures, traditions and experiences. However, just like a blink, we break away from the light to illuminate our soul and in an effortless manner that we don’t even realize it. Africanblink brings you sifted highlights that enrich your personality, educate, inspire and most importantly transform you to the champion that you are within. Stories as relatable as a blink and written by a sculptor who knows how to chisel a block, unraveling the beautiful statue hidden underneath.

This is my story, the story of my life  and everything I choose to love …in 1000 words or so 🙂

WE SHARE TO INSPIRE. #teach#resonate#inspire#transform

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