The long awaited #MenConference2020 took place on the 14th of February, marking the first day of the non-existent three day event.
The conference, which starts officially on Valentine ’s Day, is believed to be an avenue that revolutionizes men by providing a safe space where men share secrets, sad stories and women’s treachery.

2020’s men’s conference was no different.
It was well planned, well secured and in spite of a few women who infiltrated the premises, the venue had room to accommodate any man who purposed to make an appearance.
It is believed that while not all men attended the conference the turnout was quite overwhelming.
Since seeing is believing, these highlighted tweets give you a snippet of the happenings at the virtual men’s conference, including the dignitaries who graced the event and the discussions that ensued at this gathering.

• Logistics and Arrival

Breaking news & unfortunate incidences

• Breakfast

• Speakers

• Presentations

• Opening session

• Topics of discussion

Tea break

• Testimonials

• Lunch

• Parting shot