While my two eyes, made in His likeness know how to see beautiful things this world has to offer, my third eye is the root of all problems. Here’s why;

Thoughts of an African Woman

I like using smooth operator because he was also made in His image, although I’m not sure about the likeness part. He had glistening eyes, bushy long eyelashes like the ones I noticed on this African species, and the chiselled jaw that clearly established he would forever be mistaken for Alejandro. Problem is he was but not as romantic.

Dating a smooth operator

But even though his behaviour didn’t match up to his features, as my third eye would notice, no one feature ever made smooth operator so handsome than his Asian eyes. His smile came close, especially since his milky canines were pronounced reminding me of the vampire diaries. 

(Oh those were the good times). I guess that’s why I was fatally attracted to him. 

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But come to think of it, they say life is a bitch but no one talks about nostalgia and how it screws you over as much. 

Because of that familiarity, that security, that safe net it creates letting you believe that you hold control over the situation, you let your guard down and before you know it, a heart is shattered. 

Anyway, Since my third eye didn’t sieve as much then, I went with the motions thinking I held the reins when clearly smooth operator was the pacesetter. The result was a destination unknown.

But I’m glad since nowadays my third eye speaks. When she eyes, nostalgia is no match for her so, instead she aims for the spirit. 

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Can he upgrade you? Is he better than you emotionally and spiritually? What mystery about him ignites your core? Do you want to discover his soul for a lifetime? These are part of the things she becomes curious about. 

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A fine species I met in the past was responsible for opening my third eye. But he too went with the wind because I was not ready for his greatness. Nonetheless, he broke my affinity to beautiful looks as from him came a lesson that looks do deceive and my that third eye should learn to sieve.

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