So you’re calmly seated with a guy you met, two days ago at a certain event.

After an exchange of cards you guys exchanged conversations, GIFS, memes and it even got to music. What else was left? Books? Art? Body fluids? Ooh the thought of it drives you back to reality and you catch up to him saying, “Meals in this restaurant taste delicious.”

You give a distracted nod as you try not to engage any dirty thoughts. You also don’t want to come off as someone from the wilderness, so you regain composure and indulge in the moment, and the food that is too delicious for you to think about more naughty stuff, yet. You’re tempted though. And considering how the evening is turning out, it sure as hell sets the ball rolling for such an outcome. But again, you hold your horses. 
Thoughts of an African woman

After the meal, the guy keeps trying to come up with jokes to make you laugh and since you’ve already dug into his pockets with what you just had, you think its courteous to show some teeth. 

Time is running and you think its time you guys left. But no. He holds you back and since he’s king of impromptu, he orders you wine. How can you refuse when this morning you read that that in life you should never object to experiences. So you drink and the mood gets even lighter. The guy is now funny.

After several moments you leave the restaurant and you end up at his place. More wine is on the menu and a plethora of things you like. Books, more books, and Netflix. Currently, he’s watching Vikings and you feel as if you could binge with him till you two can get to the part where you make your own scene. 

But before you could make something of it, he embraces you from behind. It’s awkward because you haven’t given him the leeway to. Sure in your mind you’ve seen a possibility, but you haven’t set the tone yet for skinship. Especially when you consider how close and hard his crotch feels. So you break away to sit a few inches from him as you sip your wine.

He walks past you, into his room to come dressed in white shorts. He’s got some nice legs but what stands out even more is the bulge at the centre pressing hard to pop. You’re wondering, is this a form of non-verbal cues? Should you read the signs and doctor his emergency. Oh, he must be in a dire situation that’s why he had to bear out his feelings. But you remain still. 

He doesn’t initiate contact either and you think, oh thank god I must be the one reading into this too much. But what he says next almost sends you out of your sit. “Can you help me with this?” 

How? Should I pop out a doughnut and balance it on top or do I blow on it like we do with bubbles. How am I to help exactly? Boo draw me a map, you think to yourself.

“Do you need to some cold water? Must be the heat,” you respond instead.

Event guy moves in and says, ” You know what I mean?” 

Well, of course you are not retarded but isn’t this too forward for a guy you met at an event 2 days ago. If you guys were in a relationship or perhaps married/engaged you could’ve followed his train thoughts and indulged in some role play. But this is event guy who was dressed in a suit and spoke about economic change and what have you. They say careful what you wish for, now its time you dealt with the answers. 

You tell him you want to leave. He says, “Don’t be like that, you can’t leave a guy hanging…he points at his crotch.”

“He’s gonna have to hang,” you tell him as you head for the door. 

He says, alright, travel safe.

You are utterly shocked. Earlier you has felt like a rabbit in a hyena’s lair now you’ll walk out his apartment feeling like a skank. You can’t even question why he doesn’t offer to call you a cab or drop you as he had insinuated earlier in the evening. 

Then it dawns, his cab fare was supposed to pay for your services. But you and your piousness sure didn’t deliver. Some nerve this guy got. It’s a given that you don’t plan on ever see him again, but as you walk out he calls for you. 
The proposal

“Do you know your way to the bus station or should I draw you a map.” He says mockinglyy.

“Draw me the map,” you spite as you leave him to burn in hell you cannot even afford to unleash upon him.

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