No one can explain fifty shades of grey like a woman who just started talking to a man in the name of “lets see how this pans out.”

Fifty, because that’s the feeling that comes with all the many men who now begin emerging from the shadows. It’s as if suddenly there a blind note that gets ccd to all reading “It’s time.”

A couple of days ago my routine involved writing, chatting not flirting, attending social events then repeat. But since this was so average for someone like me life decided to add spice to the mix. 

One came in the form of a forgotten love who just didnt have the courage to confess his feelings because his friend beat him to it. 

While his story sounds sweet to the ears, it beats me why his courage took a journey for 5 years and only decided to send a postcard just now. If I am to listen to my romantic self this confession and sudden surge of dopamine and love towards me makes a perfect love story titled, The one who didn’t get away. 

But I also have a critic side that is so stern and skeptical like the aunt you like to avoid. You want to know what book this reads to her? “The fairytale that never was”: and this is exactly the book she never picks. Rather, it’s altogether the aisle, she tries to avoid any time she enters the library. Her favourite book is something close to, The power of the pussy. It gets her creative juices flowing she says.

As for me, doesn’t mean I can’t revel in the mixed feelings and the attention this proposal comes with. Well, at least while it lasts. 

The next species came in the form of a man I met during a certain event. So kind to memorize my number and even call back when I’m clearly the gratified procrastinator who’d rather binge on k-drama than step out for a date.

But finally I made the decision to pull up when he called my name. I can only say, that nothing extraordinary happened. I am yet to read what my romantic self makes of this. When I do, I shall serve you the tea.

They say thrice is a charm and as if the third one interpreted this phrase literally, he made sure I got his vibe. 

Mr friend came with all the dating steps outlined in theory, but marriage (in bold) as the only practicals that he wanted us to implement. So the long and short of it is I just sat there batting my eyelashes while receiving the proposal because what else could I do? I mean, Him too like the first came in the shell of a love that could never die. Nevertheless, in a stroke of genius, he made me realise that it’s easy to assume your future husband dead when its you who never looked hard enough in the past. Here, my past was literally catching up to me. 

By now you can tell that this proposal ended up as Another one bites the dust, since in all honesty gravity didn’t help him in his efforts.

But why not give it a chance you ask? Because blame it on the romanticist in me, her soul wasn’t ignited. 

Nonetheless, the critic in me did have something to say and it was, that even though people argue that looks do matter, time has made her realise why Beyonce married Jayz instead of Drake.

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