The white man

My dopamine drips at the sight of this white one who stands out tall in every sense of that phrase. I mean, who gives birth to these boys? Men, I mean. 

Just one look at him and my mind is in K-pop thinking of Lee Min Ho and how good he looks in baggy feminine shirts and slacks. Not one bit does my white man look like those who began to notice climate change before everyone else and so they slouched to diminish 2 or 3 inches. This one is confident on his feet. Forgive the pun. He even makes sure that we don’t miss the attention it gets him, by stating that he can’t reach the mic placed on the podium. We really do not deserve him. He must know.

His stance is awkward though and so is his  gaze. Then again these must be the what they call the dark side of being white, tall and so full of it.

Crowning his beauty I see blonde hair, a small face, a strong jaw, a sharp nose and deep eyes, which welcome me to the porch of his mind. He is smart, and he sure backs it up when he talks. 

I mean just look at him rant about markets,  GDP per capita and leveling the playing field as if it’s easy as is his face to the beholder. We don’t even have to go dig deeper into his economics to explain my point. Him, he’s playing at level 6.8 or 7 while I just left  and at level 5. How do we level that field? 

I got an idea though. Lasso his heart.

Should  I ask him over brunch in the pretense of networking? What if  just pitched these thoughts to him? Would he be into me or would he claim that I’m operating at a deficit? 

Would he even care to listen to the likes of me who’s describing the male species in an economic forum, instead of… But what else is there to life? If not enjoying the pleasures of different colours and creations that my eyes afford me to see?

Did our eyes just meet!

Forget what I said about him having an awkward stare. It is awkward alright, but it has that daredevil streak that tells you this guy gets down rough and dirty. 

Now I wanna smell his cologne and Eau de toilettes. But first, I’ll let him finish on his GDPs and SDGs before we can get down into some TLCs. Thoughts of an African Woman #part1

The End.

Thoughts of an African woman is a short descriptive mini series that was authored in an economic forum. In between jargons like GDP, interest rate caps and fiscal deficit, the author chose not to zonk out but see the view of two strangers who inspired this prose.

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