Have you blamed yourself before for ignoring something, then later desiring it for how good it turned out? Breaking up with your partner because he/she lacked something only to realise it was right there only you couldn’t see it?

Blame yourself no more.  Here’s why;

ONCE UPON A TIME, in a faraway land, a beautiful garden bigger than a forest and wide as far as the eye could see existed.  The garden was enchanted and just like magic, it was full of colours blossoming flowers, trees, animals of all kinds and birds that chirped high in the sky. The green from the plants was neutralised with the yellow and orange hues from flowers, to match the azure from the waters that touched the frontier of this garden.

The little lilies and lotus petals yearned to flow in rhythm with the nearby stream and chase the riverbanks where animals met to have a conversation. The famous victims were the lion and the gazelle. Lion asking the gazelle, “How can I be as graceful as you? The Gazelle would answer, “I will show you once you teach me how to wear that killer stare.” The tiger would cut in raising one of her forearms over her eyes as if to demand attention from those present. She clearly thought she won in that killer looks department. Right then the hare would blurt out “Gurrrrl! That eyeliner is to die for.” Tiger known for her few words would respond, “If only looks could kill.”

Photo by Richard Verbeek from Pexels

Everyone would burst out laughing, including Man who was at the back enjoying the unfolding banter at the comfort of his woman’s lap.

Eve was her name. The walking montage who clearly stood elegantly above all creatures.

Read: I am her.

As she approached the animals who were gathered in a larger circle to enjoy an evening tale from the warthog, they murmured. “It must be her! It must be her! Must be HER,” said the Fox curtly, startling the warthog who was deep in his narration. Eve greeted them and left them at the mercies of Warthog’s tales.

But the animals couldn’t keep focus and no one could blame them. This is because all of Warthog’s tale had three things in common. Eve, Warthog and Romance. But because he was no fool each time he made sure to change the title. This current narration was titled it Beauty and the beast. 

Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

Adam, was the mural who followed shortly after Eve had walked by. Overhearing Warthog’s narration and he whispered, “I think I know of that woman.” Hare could be seen giggling as he winked back to Adam, a sign that confirmed, every animal in the jungle knew of who Warthog was in love with. Well, except the sloth. Many knew it would take some time for him to get it and so no one was ready to open that conversation.

Like Eve. Adam bid the animals goodbye and walked fast to catch up to Eve, who was plucking fruits in a short distance ahead.

From a distance, Adam could not help but stare at how the evening rays illuminated Eve’s skin. Looking at how she ate the strawberries Adam felt a strong surge settle at the pit of his stomach. He relished watching Eve and without noticing he spoke his mind. “You are truly the mother of all living things, Eve.” Eve couldn’t help but smile back at her sidekick as she held him and off they strolled away into the setting sun. Behind them, Hyena could be heard swooning, “Don’t they look good together?” and the animals agreed in a trance, “Hmmm…”

Near their home, three trees stood vibrant and full of juicy fruits that awaited to be plucked. One’s fruits were granted as a gift, one’s was a mystery and the third bore fruits that were forbidden. Knowledge to all creatures, it was said that the fruits from this tree were not to be consumed. If ever that warning was to be disobeyed disaster would befall Eden. But curiosity could keep the cat alive for too long and the snake came into the picture.

According to streets snake was now, Eve’s best friend. He had befriended Eve on the pretext of showing her how to belly dance and from then their friendship developed. On this particular day, snake claimed to only miss Eve’s chrysanthemum tea and snacks and thats why he had come.

Photo by Tim Kurzweg from Pexels

A few minutes into the conversation and Eve stood up determined. She walked past the mysterious tree, stopped at the middle one, and looked up at the fruits that juice-fully dangled in the air. The aroma emanating from the ripe red fruits was enough to make anyone forgo any warnings. “This must be the most sumptuous fruit considering that it comes with a warning,” Eve thought. As if to complement her train of thoughts, the snake confirmed knavishly, “Yes, one bite and you will be as sharp as your father: even better considering you are young and pretty.”

“You think so?” Eve asked.

“Yes, trust your best friend. Would I lie to you?” Snake insisted.

Eve considered Snake’s words and in one move she gave in to her desire. The fruit tasted no different from the what was in Eden, nonetheless, it gave her an unrecognisable sensation.

Since she shared all her meals with her sidekick, Eve ran to Adam to indulge him on the taste of the forbidden fruit.

Moments later, everything around them changed. Adam looked at Eve and noticed she had features he hadn’t taken notice of before. And so did Eve. Fetching leaves to cover Adam, Eve realised the flowers nearby did not bloom at her presence. On the contrary, they seemed to grow weak. When she stretched out to reach for a leaf a thorn pricked her. For the first time, she became conscious of sharp objects and the sensation they brought. Instantly, she knew what she needed to do.


Then, a gush of mild air swept over them and they felt a familiar presence in the garden. Instinctively, Adam and Eve jumped to hide behind the thickets and bushes nearby. They were scared of His presence and ashamed for they were naked.

“Why do you hide from me?” A voice asked. After a short silence, Adam answered in hesitation, “Dad, …we… we… we are na…ked.”

“What made you realise that you are naked?” Their Dad continued.

Dad it was not my fault, Eve was the one who gave me the fruit…  but the snake told me that it was okay to eat and that we would become like you…” Eve interrupted in a raised voice that tapered to a murmur.

Their Dad disappointed, made them some clothes and told them to emerge from the bushes. They picked the clothes and covered themselves as they tried to justify that it was the Snake’s fault.

The dad looked at his children and out of dismay, he sent them out of the beautiful garden. The snake witnessing this ordeal tried to slide, but met with the same fate and away he was exiled. Snake was stripped off his rank and from that day their relationship with Eve was severed. Man became its death and on its belly, it was cursed to crawl till kingdom come.

The Dad looked at the garden, the depressed animals, sunken trees and missed his children. The thought of calling them back, crossed His mind but He couldn’t. Adam and Eve had bitten more than they could chew after tasting the fruit of good and evil. First, they had to learn how to control their power of knowledge. Eden the haven, could not protect them anymore, He thought in despondency.


So He walked away, but with a wish that a day would come when they would meet again. To make it sooner, He hid the tree of immortality further into the jungle and Eden too was locked away from the world. No man or snake would ever see the garden nor reach far enough to see the tree of immortality. Eden was forever lost and so was man, in a jungle he had formed, in the lust for knowledge.


Moral of the story?

Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge with a desire to gain insight and wisdom like their Father. Seduced by the fact that it was forbidden, the fruit satisfied their curiosity, but at the cost of immortality and a home that bore no worries.

Often are the times we choose instant gratification at the cost of bigger or better destinations. As in the case of Adam and Eve, often the realization comes too late after we’ve sabotaged ourselves to chase pavements.  Like the question stated in the beginning, the answer lies in our nature which, with our eyes and not with our vision.

Trick question

What if Eve never heeded word from the snake, how do you imagine Eden would look like?

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