Yes. It happened while I was in the University.

My University was one of those with many campuses in town but little to show in terms of development in the main campus. Ironic, right? So why not study in one of the town campuses, you ask? Well, because according to common belief, it was said that if you had graduated from the main University, your degree would land you straight to that dream job. No interviews included I guess.

Opening days were crazy chaotic, that students had to arrive at an earlier date, for them to secure vacant rooms. This was due to lack of enough hostels in the university and if you missed that chance, the next option was to live 30,000 meters away from the student center. We are talking about a school where in order to get official communication you had to check the notice board. How far away from that notice board, would you want to live not miss a class? Therefore, I had diligently arrived three days earlier. That was back in 2015.

Then the room I got had plumbing issues. So my then boyfriend told me to stay at his place; just until my room was okay to move in. We were in the same campus. How bad could it be? After all, his place was closer to the lecture halls, which was a plus for me. Until we started having issues and his place became too small to accommodate any of our heads. He was an engineer and I the linguist was relatively smart, to come up with smack talk anytime, anywhere. I had to move out.

Luck on my side, Onika, a girl I had met when I was busy room searching and had exchanged a few pleasantries with, decided to host me for the time being. Just for a week max’ as the plumbers made their final touches. For that only, I had to check with the housekeepers every day. I am not talking about calling. In this environment they didn’t teach you discipline, they showed it to you raw.

Classes had started already. The notice board was booming with notifications and my options read: the closer you are to it, the better.

Onika the host did not stay at hers because she lived with the boyfriend from time to time; so her room was accommodating enough. For a week, I had enjoyed my stay while I took care of my room business.

It was the weekend already and I was to clean up as I prepared to vacate to myplumbered room. This was the perfect time to settle in since no classes or notifications would affect my moving. Onika was in the room and having arrived from her boyfriend’s, the air was hot and full of boyfriend stories and how to remain a virgin to prove that you are loved. We weren’t alone, the room had two more girls who came to Netflix and chill and sometimes sleepover. That room could have broken the record in slumber land.

In the middle of my cleaning, I stepped out to empty the trash. The bin was in other words the pail where the last rinsing water from the utensils would end up to be used to clean the room, so I had to make ready. Coming back with my clean dustbin, something distracted me so I hesitated at the door. It is my habit to out-rightly barge in at a friend’s or playfully make Sheldon’s (from The Big Bang Theory) signature knock and call, before I enter. This time I did not. As I stood at the door, I heard my name. Onika was busy extrapolating how I had overstayed and that she was worried her duvet was changing color. She was also insecure about me and the talk ended with her saying that a friend told her to be weary of me, for I might snatch her boyfriend away. Sh***t I could not anymore.

I just dropped the bin to notify them I was there so they could change the subject, pushed the door in, went into the room and acted as if I had not heard anything. I pretended everything was fine and informed her that I was leaving by the end of that day. She put up a front claiming that I could’ve have stayed a while longer but I insisted that she could use the privacy. She was so happy her poker face might have fooled you on April’s first.

Minutes into the facade, I asked her to lend me her phone. It was common for us to do so, hence she did not care that much as she gave it to me. My mission this time not involving her Instagram memes and screenshots but to know what went down about me BTS. And there, ripe and raw, thread after thread about me, she was chatting to her other friends. I could not shake the disappointment I felt. It was massive.

To think that I had considered her a true friend for she was just so good to be true. I picked up my dignity after I had finished cleaning the room with the dust bin, asked her if I could clean her bedding on my way out and as she declined I reflected on the true meaning of beware of the masses sometimes the “m” is silent.

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