The return

If only Sergio knew, on that night he would have stopped by saying hi and then bye, but he could not. Camilla was reserved and he saw it. She was calm, deep and a breath of innocence. He flashbacked to a time he had gone for one of his escapades and they were in Thompsons falls. How seeing the falling cascade of water had ignited a side he never knew he had.

See, Sergio 27, was a typical player. Devilish and rogue and this is why women would not stop drooling over him. He enjoyed the attention as it came but that day was different. The falling water had lit a spark inside him and he had instantly thought of Camilla. He remembered how nervous she was when he greeted her that first time. He smiled but he was happy about something else. Camilla was a beauty but she did not know nor care. He had taken time to look at how she used to talk to the men in town and one thing he realised was that flirting was not her strong hold. And he felt a tinge thinking of how many guys she had turned down with her smart mouth and yet there he was. He knew she liked him but he wondered why. He was not the perfect prince but she had given him a minute, hours actually of her time.


Noticing the serene environment in his presence and smelling the fresh air that was in rhythm with the falling water had made him yearn for peace and serenity and looking at the waters again, for a split second he saw her silhouette. Camilla made him feel like a saint. She was naive, innocent and she trusted him. This made him want to tap into more of her fountain. He wanted her with him at the moment and he smiled again realising how happy it would’ve made her.

She was always mesmerised by the little things unlike many women he had met. Like the one he had gone with, to that escapade. She was the opposite of Camilla. She was beautiful alright, but he wasn’t interested in knowing anything else about her. And he felt stupid for even bringing her along. He had walked towards the waters where he felt more at home and vulnerable. And that’s when he realised he could open his soul to Camilla without even questioning. He was hers and he loved it.


But now he was back. And it had taken every ounce of willpower in him to not run into her arms. He had seen Camilla with another man when he arrived from the city and without meaning to, he cursed. His Adams apple had grown bigger in his throat but he swallowed it and kept his cool before anyone noticed him and shouted his name which would’ve made Camilla and his boy see him. He had walked stealthily making sure that Camilla hadn’t seen him. And she hadn’t. But that night he did not sleep. He shared greetings with his family then feigned jetlag and retired to his chambers.

He was thinking of her. How beautiful and happy she had looked. She had grown taller and curvier. She looked confident enough now and he felt nostalgic at the thought of her face if she knew he was back. She would probably curse him but he was not worried about that. What made him anxious was the man holding her. Was it really anxiety or something deeper that made him sick?

He was bipolar and every time his brain imagined of scenarios of Camilla and the man she was with as lovers his jealousy grew immensely. And so he set on to get some sleep and in the morning he would go and look for her. But how could he sleep? The uncertainty was killing him and he rose. With his horse, Rubio, he decided to take a stroll to get some fresh air and also escape his thoughts. Only his legs moved as he walked by the shore taking in the sound of the sparkling water waves and the sand which looked beautiful under the high shinning moon. The breeze was perfect and as he kept moving he found himself looking at the tree where they had declared their love for each other and minutes later at Camilla’s.

Really Rubio of all the places you could’ve taken me this is where you brought me! He couldn’t shake the anxiety that overwhelmed him in a heartbeat. Would he knock? But of course he would. He figured it wasn’t that late so either she would be watching TV or reading her books and when he saw the orange ambers of light behind the closed drapes he assumed the latter. And he went close to the windows and knocked rhythmically how he had done years before. They had come up with this code of knocking in order to avoid Camilla’s mom who was always very helpful in scaring away the many men who lurked around their compound.


For a moment she thought she was dreaming. And she turned down the slow music playing in the background in order to listen if her mind was imagining things again. He is going to be the death of me, she thought and pushed the thoughts away from their futility.
But she heard it again. Her heart almost leapt out. Could it be him?

Raising the curtain slightly she looked out the window and there was no one. But her stimulus led her to the door and that’s when everything came flushing before her in a surge she could not escape. And she opened the door. He was there! He was really there. She couldn’t believe her eyes and she stuck on the door. Her legs wouldn’t move and as always he took over and spoke, “Camilla its me.” Him speaking made her weak. It was heaven and hell. And she was between. She did not know how she would react but her feet wanted to make a run for it. And yet she froze when he leaned in with arms open. What was she to do, but to only respond to her master.

Time must have stopped because how he held her and how weightless she felt, the universe must have also forgotten its duties to watch them. She locked the door behind her and he took her hand towards their favourite place, the ocean, leaving Rubio grazing on the front lawn. On the way he asked how she was doing, learnt about her life but he just couldn’t wait to ask who was the guy holding her. That’s when Camilla snapped. She confronted him of the women he had been with, how he had left her and even claimed how wrong he was to ask. “Why do you care?”

She had continued talking and fighting him and he felt remorseful for seeing how much he had hurt her. But what he did next is what almost gave her a heart attack. He pulled her close in his arms and with one hand made sure he had secured her hands from throwing fists at him and with the other hand he held her tiny waist and gave her a kiss of life. He hadn’t let her catch her breath from how sensually and slowly he devoured every corner of her little mouth when he whispered in her ear, “Because I love you more than life itself,” and he repeated it to the whole world, “I love you Camilla.”

Sergio had never said that to her but there, he had laid the world at her feet professing his love in the most beautiful way she could imagine. Under the moonlight, while his eyes shone like diamonds sparkling in the sun. And her teary self fell in his arms where she had once rented but now called home. And now more than anything she believed him. Maybe it was the way he fell on her feet and she was sure she owned his soul.

They were equals and she knelt to kiss him before she whispered something back in his ears. And with that same smirk she so loved he grabbed her and in one quick move he was on top of her kissing her in a way that compensated for the lost years and the only times he missed her. They lay there enjoying the breeze and the warmth from their bodies till twilight. The ocean waves fell in a smooth crescendo in sync with their passion while the trees swayed to the birds singing in unison, to the tune of love on the high branches. The two souls had found each other and the universe was theirs for the taking. Sergio had returned home to her lassoer where he rightfully belonged and he had a plan. This time better than before it involved her, but like a baby she lay asleep in his arms peacefully and oblivious of what was coming. Or was she.